Antitec is a Finnish company specializing in pest control and pest management. Our Kokkola office will offer a wide and high-quality service portfolio related to the pest control services against rodents, birds and insects. Customer satisfaction and high-quality are important for us.

Which animals are pests?

All animals, which cause either physical (e.g. health and/or safety) or aesthetic harm to people in households, yards or in industry, can be classified as pests. In general, pest population needs to grow rather large (e.g. hornet's nest) before the pests become hazardous to humans. Therefore we recommend that the problem is solved at utmost time.

Pests can be found from rodents and birds as well as from crawling and flying insects. Rats and mice are most common rodents. Indoors, rats and mice are encountered mostly in cellars, warehouses, attics and sewers. Pests they are called simply because they spread various and dangerous diseases (without getting sick by themselves). Rats and mice can also make considerable indirect damage (e.g. fires) by gnawing electrical wires.

Cockroach and blood vampire bed bug are very common crawling insects. Wasps and different type of moths (in groceries and in textiles) as well as the flies are very flying insects. Yes, the flies, which are so common that people do not tend to consider those as pests. However, they might carry as many diseases as the cockroaches. How to get rid of flies? Read more here.

Skilled, trained and certificate staff of our Kokkola office know the most efficient and at the same time, the most environmental friendly methods, on how to get rid of those pests.

Problems in storage and production facilities as well as in town houses

Different kind of business facilities can also suffer from the problems caused by the pests. Sometimes, pests cause massive problems e.g. in large production and storage facilities if the small incipient problem is not controlled with high-quality in time. Successful pest control require, first of all, a thorough site survey, professional pest control plan and of course, high-quality equipment to complete the job properly. For example, strategic and careful installation of the monitoring stations against rodents is utmost important. We will also take care of all the consumers and their unique pest problems.

Do not worry, we'll take care of all your pest control related problems in Ostrobothnia area. No matter what pest is causing the problems, we will have a solution against it!

Our service portfolio in Ostrobothnia

Our services in Ostrobothnia include e.g.:

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Antitec - pest control services for real estates
Antitec - pest control services
Antitec - pest control services for real estates
Antitec - pest control services for real estates
Antitec - pest control services
Antitec - pest control services