Antitec Oy - PestControl Fin Ltd is a completely Finnish company specializing on pest control.

Antitec (as A-Haittaeläintorjunta) was founded at 2005 in Turku, Finland. Company was established to serve especially food sector customers better and with higher professional skills than ever before. Founding members of our company possessed already then, several (dozens) years of practical work experience from professional pest control.

Today, we are a leading Finnish company with focus on pest control and pest management.

High quality in all our daily operations

We offer an extremely wide range of high-quality services related to pest control and pest management e.g. disinfections, fumigations, food and hygiene sampling, training and consultancy. We operate nationwide in Finland.

Our company values:

  • Quality
  • Customer orientation
  • Workmanship

Mission statement of our company is:

High quality work is the result of workmanship and customer orientation. High quality makes our customers satisfied. Customer satisfaction makes our business successful.

We are also actively developing more efficient and pest-friendly practises to our business field. Since 2007, we have been part of the joint group.

We also act internationally.

Nationally we operate nationwide in Finland. Our main offices are located in:

Turku (Western Finland)
Helsinki (Southern Finland)
Kokkola (Ostrobothnia)

But, because we operate nationwide, we are also able to serve you in Central Finland, Eastern Finland, Kainuu and Oulu and Lapland areas.

If you require our high-quality and highly professional pest control services or if you need additional information, please contact us. We will help you with pleasure!

CEPA EN16636:2015
Antitec pest control
Antitec - Certified fumigator
CEPA EN16636:2015
CEPA EN16636:2015
Antitec pest control
Antitec pest control
Antitec - Certified fumigator
Antitec - Certified fumigator